JJIF Congress 2018

As announced by the first invitation to the 2018 World Championship in Malmo, Sweden, the JJIF Congress shall take place on

Monday, 26 November 2018, in hotel Scandic Triangeln, 10.00 – 14.00 hours

(registration for the congress from 9.30 to 9.55 hours, please pre-register online to support the preparation).

JJIF STATUTES (about Congress and right to participate)

6.1.2 The JJIF Congress shall comprise of the delegations of the Full Members JJNOs.  Only the JJNOs which have been admitted as Full Members during the last JJIF Session and fulfil all the JJIF Membership obligations including financial obligations may participate and vote at the Congress.

6.1.3 Each member JJNO may be represented by maximum two (2) delegates but is entitled to only one vote. The delegates must be members of the JJNO with right to represent the JJNO (as specified in the JJNO Statutes) and must be citizens or permanent residents of the country they represent. Voting by assigning proxy to any other person is not permitted.



[Presentation Technical Congress updated by Results]

  1. Weight Categories
  2. World Games 2021
  3. Age group  [DOWNLOAD]
  4. Event format following new Age Categories
  5. JJIF Sporting Code  [DOWNLOAD]    [Proposal Award Ceremony]
  6. JJIF Sporting Code competitors Call Countdown
  7. JJIF Sporting Code Seeding
  8. JJIF Sporting Code Draw
  9. Jiu-Jitsu Ne-Waza
  10. Ju-Jitsu Show [DOWNLOAD]
  11. Video review/ Appeal and protest procedures [DOWNLOAD]
  12. Format of JJIF competitions and World Ranking [DOWNLOAD]  [RankingRulesNEW]
  13. JJIF Athletes Team
  14. Styles and Grading  [DOWLOAD]
  15. Referee Organisation
  16. Referee  [RulesProposal April]  [JJIF Board Decision Referee]