The JJIF Representatives International Committee (JJRIC) meets once a year to conduct the JJIF Session.


JJIF Session 2017

28. November 2017

Bogota/ Colombia
Hotel Capital Calle 25B N69A-50 Bogota/ Colombia

[Letter of Information/May2017]



24.- 26. November

JJIF World Championship Seniors


27. November

Work panels if needed


28. November
10:00 – 12:30 h

JJIF Session


29./ 30. November

World Beach Ju-Jitsu Tournament


01. December

World Beach Ju-Jitsu Tournament





The preparation of the Session 2017 will be inside a non-public forum.

You need to register. Only representatives of federations can be accepted as members of the forum.


[Registration Form NF]

Further material

Presentation given at the Coach and Referee meeting, which was hold at JWC2017 in Athens: CoachAndRefereeMeetingAthens

Results of the referee evaluation: