JJIF Convention 2014


[letter of the president]

Convention, Education seminar, JJIF international training camp, International Open Jujitsu tournament

According to the decision taken at the last JJIF General Assembly during the period from 20 to 29 August these international events will be organized by the JJIF in Africa in Tunisia at Tunis in collaboration with all protagonists wishing to be involved for the success of this international event.

Schedule and Program

Referee Course

21st to 24th August 2014

Inscription Conditions


This training camp is open, beyond the participants of various organized events:

· to accompanying persons of the participants wishing to invite their family and friends

· to VIP invitees who will receive an invitation from the JJIF President.

Financial participation will be a price fixed per day so that the participants will be able to choose the periods that suite them according their personal and professional availabilities as well as their interests for the proposed activities.

Detailed conditions of participation and inscription forms are sent to our continental Unions and our National Federations members of the JJIF.

Stay with full Board in double room (2 persons per room)
= 75 € per day

Stay in half board breakfast and dinner, in a double room (2 persons per room)
= 65 € per day stay

Stay with full board in single room (1 person per room)
= 90 € per day.

Stay in half board breakfast and dinner, in single room (1 person per room)
= 80 € per day

The inscription form is worth the participation engagement. It must be filled in accurately and accompanied by rules for the activities and chosen option.                                                                                                                                                  

The replies and rules must be sent to the JJIF secretariat before 5 July 2014