• Jiu-Jitsu Ne-Waza  - 85 kg
  • International Referee
  • General Secretary of Mongolian Jiu-Jitsu Association

Odsuren was one of the first International Referee for Ne-Waza in Asia after the federation was reestablished in 2014.
He is athlete, coach, refree and official by heart and live the martial art in a humble way.

  • Age: 35
  • City Country: Dornogovi, Mongolia
  • Sports/ Dicipline Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Sambo
  • Profession: Coach & Int’ referee
  • Martial Art History:  
    National wrestling 25 years,
    Judo 20 years
    Jiu Jitsu 8 years

1) What is your biggest accomplishemnt in Ju-Jitsu?

World Master purple belt Gold (2013)
World Pro Jiu Jitsu Championship 2015 Brown Belt -85kg Gold, Absolute Gold

2) What one or two things do you currently do in your training that are keys to your success?

I don’t only train Jiu Jitsu. I train multiple disciplines like Mongolian wrestling, judo, sambo. These disciplines improves my balance.

3) What would be your ultimate achievement?

To introduce Mongolian style to jiu jitsu world.

4)  How do you set your goals?

My dream and aspirations help to set my goals.

5) What is your diet like?

Primarily meat and dairy products. During winter I consume meat heavy diet. But during warm seasons, I switch to more dairy based diet with and less meat. There is no farming in Mongolia. All livestock’s are grass-fed therefore meat and milk products are healthy and nutritious, in other words organic.

6) Have you experianced a breakthrough, and if so, what led to it?

I trained diverse grappling disciplines for many years. But jiu jitsu was a breakthrough for me.  Therefore me and my students are training hard to develop this discipline in Mongolia.

7) What was the best advice that you were ever given?

Best advice given to me was from my mother to never repeat a mistake again. I follow this advice in life and on the mat.

8)  Do you have a saying or motto that you live your life by?

Best effort gets you to the top

9)  Do you have some special ritual before competition?

I like to take a little nap before competition

10)  Anything else you'd liked to share?

Mongolia has a very rich wrestling culture. Every boy in Mongolia trains wrestling at young age. Best athletes in Mongolian wrestling typically come from nomadic country side where they are used to hard work and harsh weather. I came exactly from this roots. I trained various grappling disciplines and most of them at the highest level. Some of my achievements outside jiu jitsu are World Judo Masters champion 2012 Miami USA, World Cup bronze 2009, East Asian Championships bronze 2006, in Sambo World Cup 2010 silver, East Asian Champion in 2013, Us Open Champion in 2011.