JJIF has straighten out its rules for a better performance of good governance

In Abu Dhabi the extraordinary general assembly of JJIF has unanimously voted for new statutes. The President declared that this is a historical moment as the JJIF is moving fast towards IOC Recognition.

The fast development of Ju-Jitsu and changes in the structures of sport caused by the new role of SportAccord made it necessary to adjust regulations and rules to even one year after major changes.

The JJIF President addressed the EOGA and welcomed all members present. He thanked H.E. Sheikh Mohammed Al Nahayan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi for his patronage valued support & guidance for Ju Jitsu  and the Host City of Abu Dhabi  and the  President and Executive Board members of the JJAU for their kind hosting of the EOGA. He also expressed his appreciation and gratitude to H.E. Sheikh Mohammed Al Sabah, Prince of Kuwait & President of ANOC for the valuable help and support offered to Ju-Jitsu.

Despite the short term of preparation and some difficulties with the visa affairs 42 countries attended to the meeting.

JJIF administration department under the leadership of Fahad al Shamsi and the executing officers Dr. Jaffer al Muthafer and Joachim Thumfart prepared the general assembly, arranged the visa issues, hotel booking and transportation.

Erstellt/GeƤndert:  30.04.2016