If you are a die hard UFC fan, or an avid follower of mixed martial arts, then sooner or later you will be faced with the question, “Who are the best athletes in the UFC today?” The answer is a subject that has been debated and re-debated for years now. Each month there seems to be a new winner or loser in the debate. So what makes a fighter the top star in the UFC today?

The top performers in mixed martial arts today are the ones that step up to the challenge. They have earned their title shot after all. They have competed against some of the top heavyweights in the world, and won. They have stood up against the best of the best, and come out on top.

So who are these fighters? Well, one name that always pops up is BJ Penn. The ” Machine” from Penn State has become one of the most decorated fighters in the UFC today. He has fought and beat some of the greatest fighters in the sport, including legends Tito Ortiz and Georges St-Pierre.

Another one of the top fighters in the UFC today is Rashad Evans. He too has been able to capture championship belts from some of the top fighters in the world. He has also defeated some of the top pound for pound fighters in the sport. The two men have fought each other multiple times, and emerged as true stars in the UFC.

The third name is Jon Jones. The “BJJ Champ” has not only won the light heavyweight championship several times, but he has defeated some of the best in the sport as well. He has fought and lost to Jones on numerous occasions, and is still considered to be one of the best fighters in MMA today. He is a title contender once again this summer. The only current female fighter with significant experience in the octagon is Sarah Kaufman, who was given the opportunity to fight by former lightweight champ and longtime UFC star Rashad Evans. She did not win, however.

These are only three of the top names in the UFC today. They are a great example of the type of fighters who are capable of winning and becoming a true star in the world of mixed martial arts fighting. This sport is growing in popularity every day. The next few years are bound to see many more superstars rising to stardom status in the octagon. It is well past time for up and coming fighters like these to make their mark and be known as true professionals in this sport.

So, who are some of the other names in the UFC today? Some names include: Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre, Nick Diaz, and Junior Dos Santos. All have proven themselves time again to be some of the best athletes in the UFC today. In fact, many are hoping that they will soon be in the position to be named the top UFC athlete of all time.

If you are a fan of mixed martial arts, then it is important that you realize that there are some truly talented fighters out there. In particular, some of the top names in the UFC right now are young upstarts on the rise to stardom. Check out the news, and listen to fights, from some of the newest fighters today. You will likely enjoy it.

Who are some of the other bigtime athletes in the UFC today? One of the newer fighters to emerge is Anderson Silva. He is a former heavyweight champion who has turned into one of the best fighters in the world today. He is currently fighting on a professional level against the highly decorated and experienced Ken Shamrock. Other names to consider are Jon Jones, Chuck Liddell, and Anderson Silva’s older brother, Carlos.

The UFC has had several fighters come and go over the years. It seems that as the company expands, the quality of the athletes also rises. It has become a well known fact that the best athletes in the UFC are fighters who truly deserves every bit of the title. They are dedicated individuals with huge drive and unrivaled guts.

Who are some of the other names on the top five list today? Renovating featherweight champion Diego Sanchez and lightweight phenom Urijah Faber are two names that have made it to the top. Both are decorated fighters with incredible skills and athleticism. There is little doubt that these two will be battling for the championship throughout the year. Be sure to catch them when they fight on television.

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