Many sports fans are wondering if Brock Lesnar would have had a successful NFL career. He had an excellent career with the University of Florida, but was cut after one season due to what the coaches viewed as poor performances. However, Lesnar came back to play his heart out the following season, and he even signed a contract with the Atlanta Falcons. So can he win the NFL betting with the same skills he has used in college?

You would be hard pressed to say that Lesnar would have been given another chance in the NFL by any team if he was cut following his one season with the Gators. The fact that he signed a three year contract with the Falcons is telling, but the signing itself did not help his chances. He would need to prove that he is still elite in the game to warrant another shot, or teams may view him as a practice wonder.

So, does he have what it takes to be an NFL athlete? Well, to be fair, no one can predict a player’s ability based off of one game. However, Lesnar seems to be a very intelligent football player, and he knows how to play the game. He has been an excellent run blocker, and he is very good at being physical on the line. He is also very good at picking up plays in the secondary. I think a team would have to give up a good amount of money to keep him, so perhaps he would not even be available as a practice squad.

One other aspect is that Lesnar has never faced an NFL team in his life. He has never played in a real game, and he probably would have had a very difficult time adjusting. He probably would have been rusty, and it would have been difficult for him to learn the different schemes and looks. He would not have learned the competition, and perhaps that would have helped him become a better player. He did play against some good competition, though, and he is one of the more athletic players.

The other question is how good would he be at the position if he was chosen to start one game in his career? Well, first of all, he has to be able to recognize plays, he has to be able to read the defenses and he has to be able to run with the pigs. Of course, he will have to learn a new offense, and he might have to move into the starting lineup for one game and then move back to the bench again. Then again, maybe he ends up starting every game for the next few years. But, he has to be very steady if he wants to end up starting for the Super Bowl.

Now, let’s take a look at the offensive line. If Lesnar could have stayed healthy, he would have been one of the best right tackles in the NFL, and he would have been a great backup plan for an inexperienced offensive line. He would have been a great asset for the team because he can bring blocks down on running plays and he is an excellent run blocker. He would have allowed a lot less pressure for the quarterback because he would have been able to lock up the running back and force them to throw the ball outside.

Of course, he would not have started the game, but he would have helped the team win one game, so he did help the team pick up a few keys points in the standings. That would have been really helpful, but he might have ended the season strong too. I really think the NFL draft was a bad idea for him and he might have been better off playing one more season in the NFL to develop his football skills.

So, I would say that even though the NFL draft was a disaster for Lesnar, he would have had a chance to prove himself in the NFL to earn a big contract after his career as an All-American running back ended. It just seems silly to think that someone who didn’t play football could have a big running back type of contract after playing the position. So, thanks to the NFL draft, no one will remember what happened with Lesnar.

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