Beach Ju-Jitsu - Pan America

3 countries but a dominating team COLOMBIA was the performance in the 3rd World Beach Ju-Jitsu tournament of JJIF.

No - Gi Jiu-Jitsu is the main part of the Beach Ju-Jitsu format.

An attractive offer for all friends of submission wrestling. The Navy school of Colombia gave again a new surrounding for this events.

What has started in nice weather ended up with heavy rain falls so the reserve day planned was necessary this time.

Organizer and athletes decided to try out Ju-Jitsu Show Duo in the sand.
A new challenge for the athletes but successful and revealing.

A big thank to organizers and referee for a great opportunity to give space for the No-Gi athletes to show their performance and abilities.


Erstellt/GeƤndert:  05.12.2017